Blocks to Success- How to get to the other side

blocks to success

You have dreams and goals; I have dreams and goals. How do we get to the other side? It’s simple but it is not easy. Compassion…Gratitude…Persistence. Remember those 3 words and we will come back to them.  For now let’s explore our blocks to success.

You have been given a life and the tools are all within you. If we are now told there is no matter and everything is energy, find yours. Dig deep. People say to start with your why. I believe this is important but it is not deep enough. Start with your feelings. Feel them, accept your humanity; you are not perfect. What are your feelings and where are you on the spectrum of your life? Is it failure – loneliness – regret – sadness? Feel them, embrace them, but don’t let them allow you to miss your life.

There is something out there with your name on it but it starts inside you. What an irony! You hold all that power and yet you feel powerless. Find the key, find your sweet spot. What will create urgency for you? What will enable you to feel the energy of the gift of life. Notice I did not say “the gift of life” – I said the “energy” of the gift of life. It has come to me that again – that energy is within you. Recently I heard messages from great leaders and speakers that have sparked my energy and led me to a passion today to write about what I believe is the key to your sweet spot and mine. There are some very big “energy consumers” and if we face them head on we can get to the other side and overcome our blocks to success.

TIME – Everyone has the same time. We have the same uncertainty and we could all be gone tomorrow. Whether you are 2 or 20 or 50 or 80 – today is ours to package and to create pockets of time. It is up to us to take away things that don’t serve our dreams and to pencil in time for what we need and must do to aspire to our potential.

POTENTIAL – Ah!! Now we are told that we only reach 1% of our potential (they used to say 10%). I cannot believe, as I read about him, that Terry Fox, the incredible hero who gave over his last few years on this earth to run a marathon a day with one leg, and leave a legacy that raised to date 38 times his goal ($1 for every Canadian) and now has people all over the world running on his behalf every year in love and community some 40 years later, did not reach his potential! Now that is an “energy creator” that surely came close to his potential and his personal best.

LIMITATIONS -The zappers of our energy are inside and not real – actually they are as real as we allow them to be. They are our feelings and they hold us back and take up enormous amounts of our time and limit our potential. Are you ready for the BIG ONE?

FORGIVENESS – There can be no forgiveness and no need for forgiveness without judgement. YES – me judging another and then thinking or processing if and when I will forgive another. “I am not my brother’s keeper” but I am always responsible for me – my thoughts and my actions. Sometimes the pain of separation causes us to seek solutions – to try to repair a relationship – to force a new start. What if we focus on ourselves and our well-being and our goals and dreams; what if we let go of being the “fixer” and the solution for anything outside us! Ask the Universe to give you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference. Remove your blocks to success with the Serenity Prayer.

grant me the serenity

SERENITY – Think about why that “Serenity Prayer” is the mantra and mission statement for Alcoholics Anonymous. Consider the path of those who have found AA and the number of people they have hurt and who have hurt them! They have created a pact in the community of the fellowship of AA to go within to change the things they can; they know it will not serve them to judge others, feel failure and hold on to regret. They realize that they will likely not stay sober unless they embrace that life changing internal power of forgiveness of self and others to heal their heart and remove their blocks to success.

My Dad gave me the legacy of the meaning of the Serenity Prayer after he spent 33 years in AA helping himself and hundreds of others. We had so much fun together and shared so many wonderful moments of joy and laughter.  We also shared deep, inspiring, meaningful memories.

I never remember seeing my Dad drinking but I remember as a young daughter in my early teens before AA that sometimes my Dad would create an invisible wall between him and those he loved. He would retreat to his desk in his room and not come down to dinner and not respond to anything I wanted to share with him. I recall thinking that if I were to behave like that my Mom would not have stood for it and would have told me to snap out of it. We all learned to get on with our day, our week and our life; I came to understand the phrase, “the mask of depression”. I learned to accept then and now, that people are not born wanting to hurt others and that something I don’t understand must shift in their brain, especially if it feels as if they have chosen to upset me. But, hey, we don’t have to be at that party. We can go down another street.

This amazing poem says so much in such a simple way. I found out Portia Nelson wrote this when she was asked to describe her life in 5 short chapters and it had a profound impact on me. I think in a way it is “everyone’s story” and sadly some never get to chapter 5. I share it with you now.

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

By Portia Nelson

Chapter I

I walk down the street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I fall in.

I am lost…I am hopeless.

It isn’t my fault.

It takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter II

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

 I pretend I don’t see it.

I fall in again.

I can’t believe I am in the same place.

But it isn’t my fault.

It still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter III

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I see it there.

I still fall in…it’s a habit…but,

my eyes are open. I know where I am.

It is my fault.

 I get out immediately.

Chapter IV

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I walk around it.

Chapter V

I walk down another street.

LOVEABILITY – Dr Robert Holden took me on an unexpected journey when he spoke about the elasticity of our brain and why we need to follow our joy. Then I listened to an interview with Jane Fonda, in her seventies, and she said we would have to “love” Trump; this was not a phrase one would expect from many women and especially not from such a strong political activist like her. Then she went on to say that if we don’t foster love throughout the world we are doomed and we have succumbed to “their” choices to create fear and disrespect. Wonderfully she clarified that we don’t have to like “these people” and we are still the winners. We can hold fast to our values and free ourselves of the “energy consumers” within ourselves by not “feeling the judgement;” we can choose to “be the change” and to set others free as well.

So now we come back to the three words I started with:


As long as I can feel compassion for every living thing I am free of judging – which is clearly an “energy consumer.” Thus I have removed this block to success.

If I am grateful every day for who I am and what I have been given, whatever “they” say, and are and have is of no concern to me.  I become an “energy creator” and create a stepping stone to my success.

If I persist in my goals and dreams, free of the “energy consumers”, I will perhaps get to that 1% of my potential.

What have you done recently to move you closer to reaching your 1% potential? How are you doing with your blocks to success? Share how you empowered yourself to become an “energy creator” for it is in sharing that we empower each other!

blocks to success

Branding yourself by recreating your story intentionally

albert einstein

Could you imagine that a quote from Albert Einstein, long before social media, could actually be referring to branding yourself by recreating your story intentionally all these years later?  How could climbing a mountain, either in real life and/or metaphorically speaking, be a key to successfully branding yourself?

Branding yourself is simply finding ways for people to connect with you. Connecting lies in your story: being vulnerable, memorable, relatable and believable – note I did not say being the best.

This blog will share how by recreating your story intentionally you can remove the biggest block to successfully branding yourself. Just as a salesperson needs to believe in their product/service, you need to be passionate about your story – all of it.

Consider the phrase: “Mind Open.” We often hear about the importance of our mind set; I propose we give it another name, “mind open.” The more I read and observe the more I believe that ideas and beliefs are not really new, they are simply presented to us in new ways. Concepts of thinking are simply packaged for us to receive them in the way that made sense to the “presenter”; then we repackage them when we internalize what they mean to us. You become the “presenter” when branding yourself; focus on connecting with the magnificence of your story and how you got up the mountain.

#1 Branding yourself and recreating your story intentionally with a mind open They say “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”; decide to benefit from new “packaging of your thoughts.”  Think about some of the diverse events that have occurred in your journey and the way you described them then, and later, and now. Sometimes we forget how absolutely amazing we were/are and other times we hold on to something that we could benefit greatly from letting go.  How do you allow these experiences to define your life and in turn impact branding yourself? Have your ideas about them changed at all? Have you found ways to value everything with an invincible optimism? This energy will impact people when branding yourself.

I would like to share a story about what could be deemed to be the forerunner of “branding yourself”, the elevator speech. Sometime ago when I was guiding a discussion about the best answers to the interview question, “tell me about yourself,” a lady in the group raised her hand and volunteered, “I have a memory of a performance appraisal from over 5 years ago that I think of every time I am asked that question.” She then proceeded to share what the employer had said to her, all very critical and judgmental. I remarked that she had an amazing recall of what was said. She replied, to my horror, “Of course I do, I carry it with me;” then she pulled it from her briefcase. I say “horror” because for me that took holding on to something negative from one person, in one’s whole world of experiences, to a whole new level. I asked her what it would take to tear up that performance appraisal. It was clear this was probably not an option. I then asked if we could agree that she would leave it with me overnight and consider tearing it up tomorrow or later that week. She agreed.

The next day we met privately in my office and I asked her if she could imagine the benefit of destroying this one and only poor performance appraisal she ever received in her life. “Not yet”, she replied. A few days later we met again, privately. This time she pulled another copy of the same performance appraisal from her briefcase, confessed that initially, she could not give me her only copy, and now she was ready to rip up both copies. I watched and I thought, wow, a human shredder, as she tore them into small bits of paper. I knew I was witnessing the power of “letting go” in action.

What could this story possibly have to do with branding yourself by recreating your story intentionally? Branding yourself is an art and you hold the “brush” in painting the masterpiece of who you are. How can you pick the attributes, pictures and stories that brand all of who you are if you allow anything to hold a place in your mind that might diminish your greatness? How can you imagine for your future, and help others to do the same, unlimited possibilities not yet achieved? Branding yourself includes all of your potential and that comes from within, from your belief. There is no room for doubt or holding on to what I call the blips of negativity that cross our path.

As a career coach I came up with a phrase for people’s cover letters: “everything in my life has prepared me to be an ideal candidate for this position.”  This became very empowering because we talked about how even the job experiences that didn’t go well and perhaps even those that ended by one being fired were learning experiences. We let go of thinking “if it’s not a perfect match it won’t work.”  Imagine if you could create the image of you as the “ideal choice” for all who see it.

It is the same with how we view our life. Can we value it all? Can we learn from it all? Can we build our brand on it all?

Recently I saw a heading: Should you break up with your old self? This came from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. When I read the book I became both fascinated and thrilled that science and the spiritual world could collaborate, rewire the brain, reach our deepest limiting beliefs and open up a whole new world – a chance to find the wonderful nuggets in it all branding yourself with a powerful gratitude that can make one unstoppable. This takes work and commitment to achieve but it can be done.

#2 Branding yourself and recreating your story intentionally with the gift unique to humans – We humans have a gift that transcends all other forms of life. If we master the way we think we can harness the power of this gift and turn virtually anything into a force of energy, not an anchor of defeat!

A failed marriage 30 years later, a betrayal of business partners that resulted in massive debt and losing a million dollars, an error of judgment we can never take back and so many more life events that are common place. On the flip side, what about the exciting times when we excelled, surprised and delighted the world with our unique self! Anybody, at any moment, can choose to recreate one’s story intentionally and thereby label each event as a stepping stone to what made you unique, enlightened, more compassionate, grateful, determined and so many other things that only come with time; as Albert Einstein so eloquently put it, they become: “a tiny part of our broad view gained by the mastery of the obstacles on our adventurous way up.”

#3 Branding yourself by recreating your story intentionally and asking questions: What if this is my finest hour? How can I find the wisdom in failure? Recently I read something the poet John Keats wrote in a letter, “Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul?” I am not a proponent that suffering is a good thing but I do believe it can be a great teacher, if we allow it. Losing and winning are both part of the journey of life; it is by embracing that little-known fact and surrendering to the process that we can find our power and rewrite our story and bring value to every chapter. Branding yourself with irresistible appeal and powerful relatability is possible now because you “own it”; you have removed the biggest block to branding yourself and you see the results of the lessons. Being passionate about your story is inevitable.

#4 Branding yourself by recreating your story intentionally is “like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views,” (of yourself) and finding the platform in today’s amazing world of technology and social media to express your value. Branding yourself is a process whereby you “school an intelligence” and make it a “one of a kind” that has immeasurable value and relatability. Your uniqueness is learned and earned so each chapter has a “winning” component to it. Over time we come to know that failure is not final and success is not permanent. Be intentional today, don’t wait. Climb your mountain, gain new and wider views, discover unexpected connections between your starting points and now; feel a gratitude and inner peace with it all.

Have you rewritten a chapter in your life recently? Share how this empowered you to move forward to greater heights.  Send me your successes for it is in sharing that we empower each other!

branding yourself

Is the Secret to your success one question away?

secret to your success

What if the Secret to your Success is one question away? Could your special brand – what is uniquely you – lie with someone else? What if another’s opinion of you is greater than yours? Is that a possibility? We hear a lot about taking back our power and the famous quote of Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” has a profound and meaningful place in our world. What if we have already done that on our own – allowed all that self-doubt? And so, to reach out and see yourself as others see you could be a possible key to Recreating You at Any Age.

In the 4-week career program I offered some years ago we had a special exercise at the 3-week mark after everyone had got to know a bit about each other. Everyone was given a piece of paper; it had the name of everyone in the group (sometimes as many as 25). Each person was directed to write beside every name a positive adjective or phrase they had observed about that person. Invariably there were amazing moments of surprise and delight at what others had written, especially only knowing each other for such a short time. It reminded me of how clarity comes so often when we keep it simple. These people only knew each other for a brief moment in a whole lifetime; yet they often saw strength and potential that the person themselves had lost sight of or never believed to be true. Herein could be a key for one’s secret to success!

Another similar and potentially opposite exercise was to get in pairs and help each other with that difficult to answer question in an interview: “What is your greatest weakness?” Again, as in the interview, the goal was to give an answer that could actually be deemed to be a strength. I paired up with my administrative assistant who was also a special friend and whom I had known for years and in other careers. Without hesitating, she said, “you care too much.” I tried to be open and take this to a positive place in my mind; with her blunt honesty I learned a little bit about balance in my life and the value of empowering others to take care of themselves. Slowly, I let go of the “care taking” that would limit their ability to spread their wings to greater levels of confidence and independence.

As you well know there are people everywhere who would love to give you their opinion so when you try out this exercise remember to choose super friendly and supportive people who are not judging you; they are affirming positive things about you that might never have occurred to you. They need not know you well but they need to understand the exercise; just a simple word or phrase that highlights what comes to mind when they think of you.

You will need to guide the question. When you ask – “what do you see as my strongest characteristic,” they will reply – “well, you are this and this and so on…” Then you should say – “if there was one quality about me that you believe is my greatest strength what would it be?” Take the best and leave the rest! Do not spend ANY time on the answers that feel “judgmental.”

This is about finding out things about you that you don’t see or had forgotten in yourself; it is a reminder that others’ perspectives can sometimes open your eyes to how unique you are – because we all are. Let me share another’s perspective about me that created new possibilities.

Many years ago, I was hired by a famous national journalist and writer to promote his book, which had become an all-day training program for executives. Given his education and experience, he obviously had a way with words and a knack for capturing things with brevity and metaphors. I don’t think he had ever met anyone like me before and when he autographed a book for me he wrote: “to the iron butterfly”.  Many people who knew me well over the years loved it and the phrase stuck.

One day sometime later, during a difficult and sad time for me, I opened a card that said: “Find a little happiness in every day.” On the envelope it read “MOM!” And a sticker under that read “Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy” with hearts sprinkled in among the words. Inside on the card there was a message to me on one side and an amazing story on the other side. Here is the story.secret to your success one question away

Lessons of the Heart www. American

There once was the most beautiful butterfly that flew all around and spread magic, joy and fun everywhere she traveled. This bright, gentle, delicate beauty held a mystery. You see as folklore told, this light, small, fine butterfly has survived many dark, rough storms. The legend says that’s how she has iron in her wings which has allowed her to survive these tremendous storms she must fly through. Hence this tiny, delicate, beautiful butterfly has been nicknamed the “iron butterfly”. They wonder if each storm has ripped the iron threads from her wings, but what they don’t realize is that their “iron butterfly” has actually gained power and strength in wisdom from each storm. It is from this wisdom she flies with strength and holds her power and shelters herself from the storms she has to endure.

The iron butterfly flies high and graceful to this day.

Perhaps there is a beautiful treasure that someone said about you once and it could hold a secret to your success. We need to be paying attention and open to digging deep into our minds, our hearts and our belongings to find it. We cannot possibly remember all the things in our lives that are meaningful but there is indeed a gift in every day;  to be sure I had long forgotten about this card and the story. I discovered it the night I decided it was time to share all the treasures I have kept over the years with whoever may be in need of reading them. It felt like the Universe had found a way to encourage me to just “do it”; it enabled me to embrace the wonderful quote below of Albert Einstein. I didn’t know where I would take my journey of sharing all my positivity treasures but I now believed I would be guided every step of the way and I was open to what could be possible without needing to know the how.

Ask questions and be open to others’ answers; a secret to your success could be at the end of a question. Someone may see something in you that has been lying dormant just waiting to be expressed by another who may not even know you well. It may be tucked away in a card or letter somewhere. You may be great at discovering others’ strengths and talents but typically we hold back when it comes to unraveling our own. Be open, believe and bring new things within you to the realm of possibility. A secret to your success is out there; go find it.

Can you think of a metaphor for you? Ask someone to help you. Make it wonderful and even outrageous: Gentle Giant, Powerful Hummingbird, Angelic Cougar!

Share a forgotten treasure or a gift in your day for it is in sharing we can empower each other.

Albert Einstein

Believe in the Good of Everything

believe everything happens for a reason

Can you believe in the good of everything on your Journey to Recreating You?

Sometime ago I found a wonderful red leather journal and on the outside was a beautiful phrase that resonated with me carved into the leather in gold script: “Believe in the Good of Everything.” I didn’t need a journal but they were “on sale” and I could imagine giving this as a gift to one of my inspiring adult children. Today I write about how that beautiful red journal never left me and unknown to me, acquiring it was the first step in recreating me once again!

Knowing what you value is key in finding the good in everything and recreating YOU – Over the months ahead I found myself on a journey of simplification. That is a story for another blog. I discovered, or should I say I rediscovered, that of all the things I could part with, ANYTHING in my home that had a beautiful message on it or throughout it was a “must keep.” It occurred to me that in this magnificent day of technology where everything can be shared with the world with the click of a mouse or the “send” or “post” on your phone, I had a responsibility to make time to share my wealth of positivity. At first this seemed a daunting task. Slowly, I started to write in that beautiful red journal; it was always destined to be the vehicle of this journey, even though I didn’t know it when I bought it.

We get messages in our lives, signs, in all forms, and we don’t always answer the call. Are you paying attention? Check out my 4-step game plan 

What’s in it for you to believe in the good of everything and how will it help recreating you? There is an inner strength that I don’t believe is attached to a specific religion; it is a faith that transcends all religions. In Alcoholics Anonymous they call it believing in “a Power greater than you”; I call it believing that everything that happens in our lives is guiding us, molding us, preparing us for some new chapter that we couldn’t fully become without the journey. In essence, it gives me the ability to “Believe in the good of everything.” Don’t mistake this phrase for saying that “bad is good.” It is more about believing that everything that happens to us is not without its purpose and power to impact our lives and often the lives of others and grow us into something we would not have been otherwise. Over time we learn that things are going to happen, things well beyond our control. Sometimes we will look back and wonder how we made it through; with each challenge, crisis, disappointment, we emerge stronger and wiser and the sun does indeed rise the next day.

When you try to believe in the good of everything are you burdened with trying to understand Why…why you…why now? Years ago I was the Program Manager for a four week long Career Program and we started every day with a quote. I found so many great ones; in fact, they nicknamed me “Queen of Quotes”. That was before you could just Google a quote, find images for it and read all about the author of the quote in a matter of minutes! Later when I randomly Googled some of the authors of those quotes I realized that typically the power of the words came from a significant life – you see everyone has a story! That is because every life is significant.

I came to realize that believing in the good of everything and the phrase “wisdom of the ages” is not about acquiring a lot of knowledge over the years and understanding everything. It is about experiencing a lot of life yourself, and also through the many people you meet along the way. It is this multitude of diverse life experiences that paves the way to a new understanding that there can be purpose to each life event. It is up to us to recreate the meaning of each of our life experiences as we grow in wisdom and understanding; in this way we can literally change our perspective of our life and of others.

For me I came to appreciate that over time believing in the good of everything is kind of like connecting the dots to complete a picture. I have a beautiful quote I keep in my bathroom on my mirror to remind me that each day I can know this truth: “BELIEF – When you come to the end of everything you know, and are faced with the darkness of the unknown, FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen. Either there will be something solid for you to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” Barbara Winter. Understanding comes as we move through the darkness of the unknown to the light of inner knowing. This takes time and patience.

There are no free lunches; we have to pay our dues, live the gains and losses, and then we get to inspire and be memorable. One of these quotes is: “Bromidic though it may sound, some questions don’t have answers, which is a terribly difficult lesson to learn.” Katherine Graham (check out her amazing life). Don’t get stuck on a question.

The incredible motivational icon, Jim Rohn, had a great phrase when he talked about this. “Don’t ask why this and why that; I wouldn’t sign up for that class. Winter will always follow Fall, and Spring will always follow Winter. That is just the way it is.” Use your energy in another way and it will be easier to believe in the good of everything.

Adopt this approach to believe in the good of everything on your journey to recreating you! Next time you are faced with the unexpected try to embrace what you cannot yet see or feel or understand. When you start with this thinking it will help you have the ability to focus on taking the steps of moving forward rather than staying stuck in the why. It may be years before you can find the acceptance and gratitude but when you do, YOU will take yourself to a new level of joy and peace in your life.

How have your life experiences connected with each other over time to enable you to find a way to believe in the good of everything on your journey to Recreate YOU?

Send me your successes for it is in sharing that we empower each other!

life is all about timing

4 Step Game Plan for a Full Life

finding possibiities

Recreating YOU with a 4 Step Game Plan

Do you have a step by step game plan for a full life?

I came up with a 4-step game plan to guide my life. Perhaps it will serve you as well. The acronym is SPTL! Show up every day even when it is tempting to sit one out, pay attention to the details by focusing on possibilities, trust the process without questioning or having all the answers even when progress feels slow, let go of the delivery details and the “how soon” and “when” pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. Let’s take a minute to break this down.

Recreating You Step 1Show up: Think of a time when you reluctantly showed up and it was beyond what you could have imagined. Years ago I was sitting in my car, drinking in the beauty of the ocean to find some inner peace, and talking on my cell phone to my sister clear across the country. That was in the day when a one-hour long distance conversation cost $50.00! As we went to say good bye my sister said, “Promise me you will keep your phone on.” I did make that promise, even though I wanted to run away and hide in my sadness and lost faith. My phone was on a call forward from my office and within an hour I received a “life changing phone call” that began the best eight years of my career, in terms of complete fulfillment. Had I not answered that offer might have gone to someone else who decided to be available and show up!

Recently I heard an interesting story from a renowned presenter with a 10-year success history of filling a room. He said that they always booked twice the number of people that the fire code allowed in the room and they knew only 50% of the people would show up. The tickets were free but the presentation had tremendous value and was the introduction of a great 3-day program to change their future. The speaker went on to say that in ten years they had never had to turn anyone away. It was a proven benchmark that one out of two people will not follow through on their own plan and show up – even when it is free. Hence the phrase “80% of Success is Showing Up.”

Promise yourself that you will not lose by default; that you will show up every day on the path to recreating you.

Recreating You Step 2 – Pay attention: How often in life do we go through the day on auto pilot? Today with so many distractions of emails, text messages, Facebook, Instagram etc. how often are we fully present for our own life? Everyday there is the unexpected: people we meet, things we hear, news that no one anticipated. It could be a former co-worker who previously only knew you in one position that comes to you after the company you both worked in closes their doors. She could say, “I saw a job posting I think you would be good at, you should apply.” You could say to yourself, “how would she know?” or “I have never done anything like that before” or “why would they hire me with no experience in that field?” Or you could pay attention and apply for the job anyway.

Maybe there is a bigger reason we both met, maybe she sees something in me I don’t even see in myself, maybe the angels sent her…who knows, but I paid attention. Who or what is trying to get your attention to recreating you?

Recreating You Step 3 – Trust the process: Think of a time when you were on a path and things didn’t seem to be working out. You might go two steps forward and one step back. You were losing confidence and faith and starting to think that maybe the stars were never going to line up for you and maybe your life just wasn’t going to come together no matter how hard you were trying.

You were interviewed for a job, they liked you a lot, you were their second choice, but the person who got hired had a “Master’s Degree” and you did not. And then the Universe had another plan. It became part of a great story in the Career Program! The clients never knew you were talking about yourself. The person with the Master’s Degree showed her true colours in the first few days on the job. They had reconsidered the wisdom of their first decision and were now calling to offer you the job! “Were you still interested?! “

When we trust the process and don’t try to control the outcome or ask why, amazing things evolve in our lives; later we see that everything was happening in due time. Recreating you is a process.

Recreating You Step 4 – Let go of the delivery details: How often do we believe that we know best, somewhat like a child that barters with their parent? We know what we need and when. Why is it taking so long? You need things to come together now! This is perhaps the hardest part of this 4-step game plan to recreating you.

Can you let go of the delivery details? This takes trusting the process to a whole new level of belief. Trust grows when you can look back on a time when you had to let go of the delivery details. Think of a time when things might have looked like they simply could not work out and the ending might not be manageable in any way – and then things did work out in a way you could not have imagined. It is important not to write our own endings even before they happen.

How can you develop that trust and let go of the delivery details to allow the Universe to help you find the ways to recreating you?

Have you pieced together this story? She showed up and answered the phone, she paid attention to the co-worker and applied for a job she never would have on her own without the encouragement of her friend, she trusted the process of the delay in being hired, and she let go of the delivery details. In the end she didn’t need the Master’s Degree and her friend was right, she was perfect for the job without it.

Plan to be surprised on the path to recreating you!

Good luck with this simple 4-step game plan – SPTL. Start it today and see what unexpected things happen in your journey to recreating you!

Send me your successes for it is in sharing that we empower each other!

taking chances

Recreating YOU with Transforming New Year’s Gratefuls & 12 Days of Christmas

Recreating YOU with Transforming New Year’s Gratefuls
over 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas I was grateful for PEACE; the kind that comes when you know you have done your best and somehow it wasn’t good enough. The results aren’t there. What if this time they won’t ever be there? You don’t know if you have it in you to try again tomorrow but then you remember the part in the beautiful poem your dear friend sent: “Help me to know the restoring power of sleep.” Sleep comes; peace comes, tomorrow comes. It’s a new day and you are able to repeat the process until finally one day the results do come and with it a new kind of peace you own.

On the second day of Christmas I was grateful for COURAGE; the kind you need when you know it’s time to go back to the doctor. You believe in your deepest self the results will be scary; but you have been down this road before. Things can be fixed, reversed, overcome, with great medicine. You can go and find out what needs to be done and you can get yourself back to a healthy state. You do have the courage to go again and deal with what needs to be done.

On the third day of Christmas I was grateful for LAUGHTER – with SISTERS who have always been a catalyst to set you off in crazy verbal jargon that caused you both to laugh again like ten year olds in the midst of serious adult crises: at funerals, sharing the most bizarre of life’s turn of events and finding a way to laugh in hour long phone calls thousands of miles apart or in person.

On the fourth day of Christmas I was grateful for BROTHERS, who by contrast to you, in just a few words or a small gesture, can leave memories on your heart and you are never ever the same because of the beauty and the power in their depth and simplicity.

On the fifth day of Christmas I was grateful for FRIENDS. Friends that you never knew yesterday and those you have known forever and those who have left you here in the world without them, far too soon and sometimes with no warning that the lunch you had just a few weeks ago was going to be your last lunch. Oh my, these friends are such gifts! Their genuine, steadfast, authentic caring and support has sometimes been the difference on a day that presented a mountain you had no way of climbing and then you reach the top together.

On the sixth of Christmas I was grateful for DOCTORS who find a way to say what needs to be said, to be honest in the gentlest possible way and who realize you have a right to know what they know about you – it’s your life. They tell you only one in 4 survive, that people can die from this, that you will need radical surgery on your face – and then they take the action, however overwhelmingly drastic as may be required; they apply their skills and knowledge and they empower you to find a way to trust them and believe that together you will find a way back to good health and you will be that one in 4, this is not your time.

On the seventh day of Christmas I was grateful for the UNKNOWN – scary, uncertain sometimes, generating feelings of hopelessness – when all you can see and feel are the failures and losses, when it seems void of all possibilities of any retrieval of success and financial stability. But deep within you know that the unknown equals the very faith that brought you this far; the unknown holds the unimaginable of all the hope and possibilities that the best is yet to come. You’ve lived the unknown before, you know it to be true, and it is all there waiting for you in the unknown.

On the eighth day of Christmas I was grateful for SECOND CHANCES. When you are absorbed with one “if only” thought after another; you are consumed with regret, you blame yourself, you remember how you could have acted sooner, said it differently, made that phone call on their birthday, told them you were sorry sooner, forgiven them when they didn’t even know they needed to be forgiven, and here it is – the moment to make yesterday right and tomorrow beautiful. You get a second chance and this time you recognize it in the moment – you act quickly.

On the ninth day of Christmas I was grateful for CHILDREN – the young ones that help you continue to see the magic in the world through their innocent eyes; but most of all for MY OWN CHILDREN. They keep you humble and grow your wisdom and insight through their honesty, integrity, joys and sorrows; when you want to be like the fairy godmother who can wave a magic wand and make their world abundant and free of the anguish of life’s sometimes cruel realities. Your children remind you all you can do is love them and let them go and trust in the goodness of the Universe.

On the tenth day of Christmas I was grateful for INSTINCT – the kind that finds a way to reach you at the strangest times, to let you know “something is wrong” and you need to take action, or something could happen if you just make that phone call, go to that meeting, buy that book and read it, take that course. It is when you find yourself saying, “I don’t know why, something just told me I should”; you found a way to trust your instinct. It takes quiet, still meditative moments in the stillness and solitude of your thoughts so you can be listening and your instincts can be heard.

On the eleventh day of Christmas I was grateful for TIME – lost time, found time, stolen time and learning to value time as your best way to package your dreams. Name the designated exact time and day you will strive to make something happen. Take the time to write it down in a calendar, a journal, on a napkin; give your vision a time and a place. The value of time holds the secret to your success, your vision, and your dreams, – it is in the time.

On the twelfth day of Christmas I was grateful for SIMPLICITY. Over a hundred ornaments taking up space, books on shelves that will never be read, clothes from decades ago that will never be worn again, hundreds of cards, calendars and pictures, too many to ever look at and appreciate, decorations for every occasion of the year and no space to even display them, pictures and not enough walls to hang them, furniture intended for three to four times the square footage you now live in, papers you have filed for literally years, way beyond the government 7 year guidelines for businesses that could all be shredded and never missed! How do we get to that simple life and create the space to enjoy life and become all we were intended to be, without the clutter and confusion and overwhelm of all this stuff? One day it comes to us, we have the power, the time is now and these things need a new home. You find the courage and the time and the support from family and friends; you begin the journey back to a simplicity that creates the space you need to make the rest of your life the best of your life and that to be sure is an Olympic goal of massive proportions! Go for the Gold! It is not too late; you are still breathing, make it this New Years!

You can recreate the most magical you at any age, at any moment. It is a choice – YOU choose. Jumpstart 2017 with your own gratefuls!

Send me your successes for it is in sharing that we empower each other!

The Power of Reframing

new eyes marcel proust Vancouver BC

Did you know that how you see anything that happens is within your control and not static? It is literally a moving object in your mind long after you first “see” it.

Have you Discovered the Power of REFRAMING?

When my parents died there was one painting that brought special memories to my heart – a little girl about five with soft blond curls, walking proudly alone on the beach, splashing in the waves in her bare feet, and carrying her shoes under her arm. It always took me back to our wonderful summers in Prince Edward Island and my Mom said the little girl reminded her of me. It had a very old and actually ugly frame. I decided to have it professionally reframed and keep those special memories of me and my Mom alive. Reframing the picture in a soft color completely changed the entire ambiance of the picture and celebrated the ocean and the little girl so much more.

We as humans have this amazing power over our circumstances. We can reframe an event, a comment or a choice anytime. This poses a significant responsibility because it puts the interpretation of all things back on us.

Can you own the phrase “the gift of adversity?” A beautiful example is the story of Helen Keller. It is reflected in so many of her quotes; “I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers.” WOW! Imagine reframing losing your sight and hearing “like a breeze among flowers.”

Many years ago when my four children ranged between eighteen months and seven years of age I was diagnosed with cancer. It shook all the young Moms I knew who up until then were busy with all the demands of parenting. What if this happened to them? What if they were told “only one in four survive” and they had to continue with all the daily responsibilities of being a Mom?

One day a Mom stopped me on the street after I had completed two years of over fifty weekly, bi-monthly and monthly experimental cancer treatments. “How are you?” she said. “I am great, thanks,” I replied. “Oh, but it is just the uncertainty of it all, isn’t it,” she added.

It was a turning point and an opportunity for me to reframe my experience. I lived with the truth, today is all we have. The reality was she could die before me. I was able to “own” the “gift of adversity”! I knew how absolutely special this day was.

I ran a four week Career Program and everyone arrived in various stages of defeat, fear and loss. How to jump start their energy and open them up to what is possible! This wonderful picture hung on the outside of the door to our program: “What matters most is how you see yourself.”


I decided to reframe their situation and change the words they used to describe it. I asked: “Did you know that no one is looking for work and none of you are unemployed? You are all on an adventure as a consultant!” When we reframe our circumstances we can change our energy and self-image dramatically!

Reframing can inspire and empower us in spite of the reality.

What could you reframe? How can you take yourself on a voyage of discovery and see yourself in a different way and literally become your own hero?
Send me your successes for it is in sharing that we empower each other!

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