Do you sometimes ask yourself what you could become if you walked away from who you are? It can be scary to leave your country and become a new landed immigrant; there are many other endings that we find ourselves facing. Do you wonder how you could start over if you left a relationship that has been your entire identity for years? Has a company closure or buy out forced you to think of what career you could pursue now? Has a critical illness changed the way you view each day? Have circumstances combined to leave you in a financial crisis and perhaps even bankrupt? Do you long to know how to create the life you imagined?

Recreating You at Any Age has been inspired by both a personal and a professional passion to help others find new ways to become more of who they are capable of becoming. So much has been written on achieving “one’s unlimited potential” and “success”. So often the writers leave out the depth of the roadblocks in one’s life that can derail someone completely and cause them to wonder how they will ever “begin again and anew.” I learned a long time ago that winning in any area of our life ALWAYS starts as an inside job. It can be a long process.

Recreating You can often require what I have come to know from years of working with wonderful clients, friends and family, as a 3-dimensional effort. Thus, I have put 3 words under my title on my home page,” Recreating You at Any Age.” They are: Reframe, Inspire, and Empower.

Reframe: Use the Power of Your Mind – redefine your world in a way that works for you

Inspire: Fill your Mind with Positive Energy – find what fuels your belief in a better tomorrow, today

Empower: Take Back Your Power from Within – rediscover the incredible person that may have gone missing

The more we learn about the brain from both a scientific approach and a more mystical one combined is that we can literally rewire our brain from what we previously understood to be our heritage and somewhat unchangeable. In addition, we won’t always understand the source of our success but with careful planting of the right seeds we can guide the outcome. My goal will be to offer the tools already shared with many to help make this happen for you.

This web site will begin with a weekly blog. Soon there will be mini online webinars, courses and videos gleaned from a proven system that has already successfully impacted hundreds of people in different stages of transition in their life from all over the world. The core ingredients will be aimed at giving you self empowerment for a new career, greater health, a fresh start, lasting happiness and a richer life, in whatever capacity you find helpful.

There is a well-known myth that a cat has 9 lives. They learn instinctively to land on their feet no matter how far they fall. What if you have nine lives and have only discovered one so far? What if you could learn how to embark on a journey to explore a new life every decade? Imagine the possibilities!

People are now changing jobs and careers an average of 12 times throughout their lifetime (they say they change approximately every four years) and living longer all the time. In fact, the centenarians were the second fastest growing age group in a census report in 2011. The typical family is no longer “typical” and people are moving and starting over for a multitude of reasons.

So, it behooves all of us to embrace a mindset of “becoming” rather than allowing ourselves to get comfortable in any circumstances in which we find ourselves. This is so liberating, if you think about it; more than ever before the phrase “success is a journey, not a destination”, if instilled in youth, gives everyone a free rein to seek out new possibilities and never think of any part of the journey as a “failure” when we need to move forward. We can simply go on a new journey of learning and becoming and take the best and leave the rest in our next leg of the trip.

Everyone has a story and each one can bring clarity to our own. My blog will include a combination of personal stories and those that clients have shared in my coaching sessions and workshops over the years. It will reveal how the phrase “Recreating YOU at Any Age” originated and why I am committed to enlightening individuals to try simple new ways of advancing their professional and personal life, at any moment or any age they choose!

Being able to recreate yourself at any age is a must!

Change is a given; how you respond is a choice.

Learning survival tools to evolve is essential.

Self Empowerment

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