“Just a note to express my profound appreciation for having been one of the privileged ones to have benefited much from your training; in particular your professional, inspirational, humorous instruction, wisdom, compassion, unconditional support and unrelenting encouragement that helped jump start my long stalled will to accept the challenge of life.” Madeline L (client)

“Under Shelagh’s very capable direction, this program has assisted over 1100 unemployed clients in obtaining the job search and professional development skills that are so necessary to allow them to successfully search for and gain employment in their chosen fields.”
Judy P (former Manager)

“Loyal and dedicated Shelagh has never learned the meaning of the word “impossible”; for her there are no problems, just solutions waiting to be discovered.” Scott C (former business partner)

“Shelagh is a person with integrity, optimism and enthusiasm. Her sense of humor and unwavering positive attitude are a perfect complement to all her other skills.”
Jon R (former business partner)

After working hard for over 25 years, achieving high standards of success, my work ended. I became extremely depressed for several years. A few short weeks in your training and I am more confident and optimistic than I have been for many years. Thank you. John C (client)

“Dear Shelagh, thank you for genuine tools, on many levels, delivered with unforgettable warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit, above and beyond. I have never forgotten your kindness, warmth and genuine optimism, or its continuing influence on my spirit, even after no longer being there in the program. Thank you, Always Leah R (client)

“Dear Shelagh, I might not remember anything from the course I took so many years ago but I will always remember the enthusiasm with which one woman tried to make a difference in so many lives. I can never forget the passion and caring with which you taught us. Thank you for being an important role model.” Amir (client)

“Thank you for being such a great woman who acts as a “puzzle builder” putting our pieces together so we can see the whole picture about who we are…to start again. God bless you.” Clara H (client)

“There are some days in which I still feel scared and disoriented but what is true is that my life has restarted two times since I moved to a new country trying to get a new life in a new environment with a different language, culture and customs; one was the exact day that I left my native country to come here and the other one was when I took the training that you offered.” Pilar B (client)

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