corporate-portrait-23-of-30Recently inspired by the phrase, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required.” (An observation made by the late JFK), I am passionate about sharing the knowledge that has already helped hundreds of people with multiple areas of expertise from many different countries and at diverse ages recreate an exciting new path in life. An incredible diversity of opportunities have appeared throughout my life; I have documented the tools that made each leg of the journey possible and I believe that anyone with a commitment to try can duplicate and build on them. Reaching one’s potential is a moving target, not only in one’s career but also in one’s personal life. Having several streams of income and believing what once seemed impossible is now within one’s grasp are attainable and fast becoming mandatory. Mentoring people to a mindset of “Recreating YOU at Any Age” is the legacy I would like to leave for all who want to learn along with me.

Sometimes called “The Velvet Hammer”, “An Iron Butterfly” and “A Puzzle Builder”, I have a diverse background in entrepreneurship and small business with strong skills in project leadership, program management and group facilitation. I designed and delivered numerous professional development programs to clients helping them achieve valuable career placements. Topics included the roller coaster of life, goal setting, self-esteem, motivation, managing change and starting over. By cultivating strong interpersonal relationships with customers, vendors and business owners I have been able to accelerate the growth of successful businesses.

With my Bachelor Degree in Education and Psychology from McGill University, I continue to be a natural teacher, coach and lifelong learner. I launched a $200,000.00 partnership with the Provincial and Federal Government and collaborated with Telus, Pioneer and Sony resulting in over $500,000.00 in contracts across Canada. Pioneering leading edge technology for IBM and others is a testimony to what is possible – I am the least technical person you could ever meet!

I am most proud of what my four adult children have become and the role I am able to play in their lives. Each one has been an employee and is now a self-made entrepreneur. Inspired by their love and encouragement, after listening to me say for years “one day”, and gently encouraging me to “walk my talk”, take up my vision and start my dream…

Now as the founder of “Recreating You at Any Age” I am committed to coaching and educating individuals in discovering exciting new ways of advancing their professional and personal life, at any moment or age they choose. With the advance of social media and the internet so much more is possible! Join me on the journey to “Recreating YOU at Any Age!”

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